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Wouldn't it be nice to feel peace and calm again?

Reiki can provide balance and healing in today's challenging world.

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From Pandemic anxiety and fear ... to Love, Clarity, & Hope

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By rebuilding ourselves we can find the power to rebuild our world.

We can do this by self-transformation and create a more successful & dynamic approach to the way we live & work...

With Love & Gratitude! 
With Reiki!  

Our ongoing COVID-19 pandemic debacle has been especially demanding on our minds, and our spirit. Many of us are more stressed and anxious than ever right now.


Data shows that Coronavirus is causing a historic rise in mental health cases and suggests that depression and anxiety are at an all-time high—a key reason why we must continue placing a spotlight on our own mental health. 

We have an incredible opportunity to help ourselves and others, by recognizing our current situation as an "object lesson"—one that suggests love & gratitude. Doing so forces us to move forward, without fear and despair.


By practicing gratitude and love, we are actually decreasing our stress level, while collectively boosting our natural good energy!

Whether you are new, or an experienced Reiki user...

Reiki, a healing energy, is derived from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” meaning life energy. 

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  • The Reiki practitioner is the conduit between you and the source of the universal life force energy. . .

  • You may experience the energy as sensations such as heat, tingling, or pulsing where the practitioner places her hands on your body, or you may feel these sensations move through your body to other locations.  

This is the energy flowing into you.

Therapy on Lady

Ready to connect with the authentic you?

Our goal is to help you awaken and align your body with a rejuvenating experience.

We’ll focus on and other key areas, and you'll leave feeling focused and balanced. 

Reiki is intended to help leverage one’s own energy and connecting with a much greater wisdom!

Some key benefits when considering Reiki:

  • Grow spiritually

  • Improve mental or physical health

  • Release strain and stress

  • Manage discomfort

  • The number of Reiki sessions will vary, depending on what a clients wish to accomplish.


  • Some clients prefer to have one session, while others have a series of sessions to work on a particular issue.

Your Sound Healing Journey Can Begin Here!

Sound Therapy offers a deeply calm, relaxing, and vibrational experience, and is suggested for several forms of emotional and physical conditions. 

Think Vibration and Relaxation.
Think Sound Healing!

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This new journey offers a totally fresh and new perception of self, and the universe, and can 
quickly quiet and focus the mind, leaving you in a delightful and even-tempered state!

Chi Tav Reiki offers Sound Therapy through the use of Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks. 


  • Patients can expect to experience natural sound 30 - 40 minutes during their 60 minute session. 

What our Clients say!

I had a very complex issue that Shauna has been helping me to resolve. Shauna is well equipped and has many natural gifts including being empathic, perceptive and intuitive. 

Shauna is a natural fit with her advanced training and exercise of Reiki and the healing arts.

It is not easy to find talent like her’s, wholly focused on the good and the wellbeing of others.

Thank you and many blessings! 🧘🏽 👌🏻 😍 👏

~ Jordan

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About Shauna

As a small child, Shauna always wanted to help people and animals. She was the child that would mend a bird's broken leg and wanted to bring home every stray dog.


These childhood experiences, coupled with her mother being a nurse, later prompted her decision to join the military and seek a career within nursing. 

Chi Tav's Vision

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We're vested in the healing journey of others.

We believe Reiki benefits our universe, humankind, and society as a whole, by connecting people with their healing energy. Our name and core beliefs include:

Chi - circulating life force within us

Tav - symbol of truth, perfection, completion

Reiki - channeling your healing energy through you

While people are in search of ways to face our new lifestyle, we're focused on connecting people and healing energy! 

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Custom Jewelry

Pet Reiki.jpg

Animal Reiki Session

pets need reiki, too!

Both you and your pet can enjoy the calming and soothing Reiki healing energy.


  • Service is provided in the pet’s most relaxed setting—their environment!

  • Pet sessions are typically given through casual contact, and/or at a short distance.


Note: Pet Reiki is only offered as an add-on to a regular scheduled Reiki session and at Client's location.

It's your Mind, Body, and Soul - Feed it!
Schedule your Reiki session today!

Legal Disclaimer

Many non-traditional healing systems, including Reiki, are not indicative or designed to replace traditional remedies offered by a medical professional or other specialized care worker. Reiki treatment is not intended to replace any form of medical, psychological, analysis, interpretation, or conclusion, generally offered through traditional health care professionals. 

Chi Tav Reiki can not offer, nor suggest, any form of pharmacological recommendations, nor hinder any current health care protocols as directed by a licensed health care professional. It is always recommended all physical and psychological conditions and illness are promptly referred to a licensed health professional. 

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