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About Shauna

Helping and Healing is my passion

As a small child, Shauna always wanted to help people and animals. She was the child that would mend a bird's broken leg and wanted to bring home every stray dog. These childhood experiences, coupled with her mother being a nurse, later prompted her decision to join the military and seek a career within nursing. 

Upon being accepted into the Army, she soon learned that a career in nursing was not possible. Shauna found herself having to decide between the options or working within the dental field, or becoming a truck driver. She states this was one of the easiest decisions she's ever had to make! ​

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It was there, that she began her 30+ year journey within the dental healthcare profession. She has spent countless hours listening to, and learning about others, sharing compassion, and guiding them through various life and health situations. 

Shauna's healthcare related career path has helped shape her awareness of physical health and well-being, while preserving an essential harmony of mind, body, and spirit.​

On her journey of learning more about herself, her spiritual connection, and gifts, Shauna discovered Chakras and the importance of them being properly balanced and in harmony with the Universal energy. 

After careful research, and self focus, Shauna learned Reiki would become an area in which she could continue making an impact helping others. She also uses Reiki to help manage her own rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and has found it’s benefits absolutely remarkable! Helping others through Reiki is her passion—and she absolutely loves it!

Shauna is trained through the Usui Reiki lineage and is a Level II Reiki Practitioner, with her goals set on becoming a Reiki Master.

Shauna Jones, Reiki Practitioner

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My Technique

Each session is carefully formulated to the client's needs based on the information I receive from you, as well as my knowledge of balancing and clearing your chakras, using Dr. Mikao Usui’s techniques along with singing bowls and Reiki meditation music. 

Saging (Smudging) the space in which Reiki is being performed, is essential to a good session outcome.

The use of candles, incense, sage or Reiki crystals can be used to achieve the desired results.

It is necessary that I first meditate and prepare myself for each session, so I am properly grounded to receive the Universal energy needed to perform your Reiki session.

During your Reiki session, I may write down specifics which will be included in our closing discussion. Oracle card readings and/or Singing bowls can also be used upon client’s request.

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